University of Northampton

Founded in 1924 as Northampton Technical College, the University of Northampton was granted university status in 2005 and is now made up of six academic schools which specialise in business, education, health, science and technology, social sciences and the arts.

For more than a decade now, the university has invested heavily in its campus facilities and earned itself a worldwide reputation for the quality of the research it produces, publishing around 200 academic studies and reports every year. Since 2010 the University of Northampton has been leading the way with its Social Enterprise movement, which seeks to promote higher education as a means for social change.

It was this commitment to learning as a catalyst for social improvement which contributed toEdulink’s decision to collaborate with the University of Northampton in the setting up of the Edulink International College in Nairobi, Kenya. The college was established in 2014 with the aim of offering affordable, quality higher education to local students, allowing them to remain within and ultimately give back to their local community. Working with the University of Northampton, we now offer a wide range of certificates, diplomas and 3-year honours degree courses across a broad spectrum of subjects, all taught on a campus equipped with state of the art facilities.

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