As with education, the Edulink Group strongly believes that the provision of quality healthcare is fundamental to improving the society we live in. Access to the most advanced medical treatment should be a right for all and not the preserve of the privileged few, which is why we strive to offer world-leading medical care which is both affordable and easy to access. So far more than a million patients have received treatment at the three medical facilities we operate in Dubai, and that number continues to grow as we expand and improve the services we provide.

The medical and dental facilities we manage are all entirely patient-centered, giving those who use them a level of comfort, safety and one-to-one care which cannot be matched. We are dedicated to sourcing the most advanced medical technologies on the market, and work with only the most highly qualified and expertly trained surgeons, doctors, nurses and technicians to manage our facilities. Employing some of the most groundbreaking techniques in modern medicine, our staff are able to offer a full range of health and dental care treatments to both adults and children, ensuring we not only meet but exceed the high standards we have set ourselves.