Providing communities around the world with access to educational opportunities has always been central to the work Edulink carries out. We believe that by enabling students to receive the best possible education without the need to move overseas not only benefits the individuals who study with us, but makes a positive contribution to wider society. Students who study close to homefeel they have laid down roots, and ultimately are more likely to take the skills they have learnt and the knowledge they have acquired and put them to good use within their local communities.

Being able to study closer to home makes higher education more affordable, making it a real possibility for students whose financial circumstances might otherwise have been a bar on gaining further qualifications. The Edulink Group aim to offer the highest standards of teaching across a range of disciplines, and to that end we have built partnerships with some of the most well-respected academic institutions in order to establish higher education establishments in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We specialise in helping our partners extend their services to the widest possible client base, and year on year the numbers of students we enrol on our programmes increases. Through specially designed, academically challenging courses, we give students the time and space to develop and earn internationally recognised qualifications, setting them on the path to career success.