Our Companies

Edulink manages a number of companies which operate in the healthcare and education sectors.  Around the world the Edulink name has become synonymous with high quality service, and our success is founded on forging strong and enduring relationships with partners who understand and share our vision.

Through our Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital, our Festival City branch of the Dubai London Clinic and our Dubai London Clinic Dental Centre, we offer a full range of medical services to the city’s residents and visitors from further afield.  Providing a patient-centred environment, our staff work hard to ensure residents have easy, affordable access to the most advanced technologies and medical expertise, ensuring our clientsreceive the treatment, care and attention they deserve in comfort and safety.

The higher education arm of Edulinkcan trace its foundations back to 2005, with the creation of the Middlesex University Dubai.  We have now partnered a number of highly respected academic institutions and have set up higher education establishments in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, using our wealth of local knowledge and experience in this field to help our partner organisations deliver the services they offer to students everywhere.