Message from the CEO

Edulink Consultants was established with the dream of providing communities around the globe with access to the quality of education and healthcare services that could match the best anywhere in the world.

I am immensely proud to have been part of this project from the very beginning, ever since the Dubai London Clinic was opened almost 30 years ago. I am even prouder of our staff, whose dedication and professionalism has enabled us to consistently maintain our reputation for excellence and to confirm our position as one of the most long-established and most highly respected private healthcare providers in Dubai.

Edulink now also manages a second hospital and a dental practice, where patient safety and a commitment to the pursuit of ethical practice also underpins everything that we do.

It was, therefore, a source of great satisfaction for this to be recognised last year by the Australian Council for Healthcare Standards International who awarded our main hospital full ACHSI accreditation. The hospital will retain this status until 2019, and we have every intention of making sure this gets extended well into the future.

Five years after we opened our first hospital we transferred our successful business model to the education sector. In response to a growing demand for high-quality educational facilities that would equip young people in the region with the qualifications they would need to succeed on the international stage, we opened the English College here in Dubai.

Since then, we have gone from strength to strength and our portfolio of universities are now providing students in Africa, southern Asia and the Middle East with the opportunity to attain qualifications both designed and recognised by established and respected British educational institutions.

To achieve this, we have entered into successful partnerships with a number of UK-based universities. The division of labour between us is simple; they provide the courses and we take responsibility for everything else, from finding suitable premises and recruiting the best teachers and lecturers the world has to offer, to all aspects of the day-to-day running of the campuses.

The demand for transnational education is growing exponentially and we mean to grow with it. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and partners who share our dream of empowerment through education.

Dr. Misho Ravic