About us

Edulink’s CEO, Dr. Misho Ravic, has more than three decades’ experience in successfully setting up and operating medical facilities and educational establishments. Having started with a single, small school in the 1980s, Dr.Ravic saw an opportunity to move into the field of higher education and share his lifelong love of learning with students around the world.

In 1987 Dr. Ravic set up his first clinic in Dubai, marking the beginning of his career in the healthcare sector. Five years later, in 1992, Dr.Ravic founded the English College in Dubai, a school set up to meet the demand for a high quality secondary education establishment which followed the British curriculum. Although no longer under the management of the Edulink Group, the school now educates over seven hundred students a year and continues to offer the very best in modern education.

Since 2005 and the establishment of Edulink’s Middlesex University Dubai campus, we have successfully shifted the focus of our services onto the higher education sector. Healthcare and higher education are the pillars on which Edulink was created, and we now employ some of the best and brightest minds in these sectors to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the work we carry out with our partner organisations.

From our head offices in Dubai, we manage three leading educational establishments which provide first-class academic services to thousands of students in Nairobi, Colombo and Dubai itself. We believe that the students we nurture today are the leaders of tomorrow, and our mission is to provide access to quality education for all, ensuring the brightest talents are able to learn and gain qualifications within their own communities. By supporting the development of our students in Kenya and Sri Lanka, and enabling them to remain within their own home countries, we can help make these communities stronger and guarantee a better future for all.

We take a similar outlook in the work we do within the healthcare sector. Our first medical practice, the Dubai London Clinic, opened its doors almost three decades ago, to be followed by two more medical centres, the Festival City Branch of the Dubai London Clinic and the Dubai London Clinic Dental Centre. Staffed by some of the most highly skilled medical practitioners and making use of the most advanced treatments and technologies, these clinics were established to provide the residents of Dubai and the wider region with the very best medical care in safe, comfortable surroundings.

Our goal is to provide exceptional patient support and the most advanced, quality service which meets the highest international standards, and to that end we employ the latest technology and medical techniques at the three facilities we operate in Dubai. Offering a full range of services and with expertise in both adult and paediatric medical and dental care, we have become one of the country’s leading healthcare organisations and employ some of the most widely respected and highly qualified medical professionals.